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Nathia Gali or Nathiagali Urdu: نتھیا گلی‎) is a mountain resort town or hill station in Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is located at the center of the Galyat range, where several hill-stations are situated, closely connected to each other, and with their names mostly ending in 'Gali'. Nathiagali is known for its scenic beauty, hiking tracks and pleasant weather, which is much cooler than the rest of the Galyat due to it being at a greater altitude. It is situated 32 kilometers at one hour's drive away from both Murree and Abbottabad, lying midway between these two places. The drive time from Islamabad and Peshawar is about three and four hours, respectively, unless there is a lot of traffic.<br /> During British rule Nathia Gali, then part of Abbottabad tehsil of Hazara District, served as the summer headquarters of the Chief Commissioner of the (then) Peshawar division of the Punjab.`{`4`}` The town along with Dunga Gali constituted a notified area under the Punjab Municipalities Act, 1891. The income in 1903-4 was Rs. 3,000 chiefly derived from a house tax, whilst expenditure was Rs. 1,900.</p> <p>A British Kashmiri family were once driven up to the highest point in Nathiagali only realising at the last moment that their driver and guide had never driven in snow before. This revelation occurred at the exact moment the minibus they were travelling in began sliding on the ice towards the edge of the mountain. Nathiagali has no road safety barriers after Muree, travellers are advised not to attempt to ascend in winter months at night without a competent driver and experienced guide.
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