Look around and you will see everything in your surrounding has some history or past from where they have originated. Just like this, Pakistan also has a history, many incidents or struggle that this country had to face in past to become what it is right now. In today’s world the places Where major incidents of Pakistan happened, has become the identity of Pakistan. Those places has become tourist spots for the people who wants to learn about the history of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a culture rich country and even in its historical places, you will get the reflection of old cultures or traditions of Pakistan. In Pakistan, there are many historical places and each of one holds a different story about Pakistan. Let me take you to know the past of Pakistan through its major historical places that are worth visiting.


Pakistan historical tours are available to let you explore the real history that lies behind this country and those tours will take you to visit all the remarkable historical places of Pakistan that will guide you about the past of Pakistan. Lets get started with major historical places in Pakistan.

    1. Rohtas fort
    2. Hiran minar
    3. Taxila
    4. Lahore fort
    5. Katasraj temple
    6. Takht- i- Bahi
    7. Makli necropolis
    8. Noor mahal
    9. Baltit fort
    10. Nagarparkar jain temples



This historical fort is considered as the masterpiece in the history of Pakistan. This fort was constructed in 16th century in the era of Sher shah suri and is the perfect example of military architectural excellence. This fort is located about 15 km away from the main city of jhelum. Rohtas fort is well known for its huge gates and thick walls covering this fort. Back in 16th century, when Humayun lost his battle, this fort was constructed to put the barrier in his way so that he wont be able to go back to India.

Viisting Hours

The visiting hours for this historical fort is 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily.

rohtas fort



Hiran minar was made by the true love of Mughal kind Jahangir for his deer pet. As its name indicate HIRAN means ‘’DEER’’. this beautiful place is located about 40 km away from the city of Lahore in sheikhupura. Hiran minar is also know as deer tomb and is surrounded by the beautiful lake. This minar is a perfect example to show the loving nature of Jahangir and it consist of a minaret that is manufactured over the antelope with huge pool or lake surrounding the tomb.

Visting Hours

The visiting hours for Hiran minar is 8:00AM to 8:00 PM.

hiran minar



In Pakistan, you will see many sites that has the some kind of history but taxila is a whole ancient city that tells the story about how old civilization arises from Indus civilization. Some part of taxila is as old as 3360 BCE, Yeah you read it right. Its an old lost city of Pakistan. Taxila is not a small spot, it consist of ancient caves, monastery, stupas and many other historical points lies in the land of taxila.

taxila city



In Urdu we say shahi qila fort but in English it is known as Lahore fort. Shahi qila is one of the most famous historical place of Pakistan whose foundation was laid in 1566 AD by the Akbar. At start it was all about mud during the time period of Mahmud Ghazni. This beautiful fort was demolished during the attack on Lahore in 1241 and was rebuilt in the the times of Turkic mamluk sultan back in 1267.

Back in 1981, this Lahore fort of Pakistan was declared as UNESCO world heritage site by the United Nations.From inside, it includes the beautiful white marbles that are known as Naulakha Pavilion.

Viisting Hours

To visit the shahi qila of Pakistan you have to reach there between 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.




You must be thinking that why this Indian temple is one of the historical places in Pakistan. This katasraj temple was made by the Hindu Shahis  in the dedication to their Lord Shiva . It was built back in 615- 950 CE. This temple is located in province Punjab near chakwal. This complex of seven temple is surrounding the small lake that is considered having a magical powers. After India Pakistan separation, this temple fell and still remain in less than stellar shape at this time.

Viisting Hours

The visiting hours for katasraj temple is 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.




The very much famous historical place in KPK is TAKHT-I-BAHI which is an archaeological site of Buddhist monastery. This place is situated in Mardan. It was found back in 1st century but abandoned in 7th century. This complex site was used by monks until it was abandoned. It is situated on hilltop with covering the land of about 33 hectares. The stone blocks and ruins of this site clearly shows the stupa that is surrounded by smaller ones.

Viisting Hours

The visiting hours are 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.




One of the mist famous historical site in Pakistan and also one of the  largest funerary site in world. In the city of Sindh, Thatta, this site is located over the area of about 10 km and consist of about 500,000 tombs. These tombs are older than you imagine, most of the tombs are of saints, royalty and admired scholars of 400 years back. Sheikh jamli established this Sufi site and also buried there. In Mughal era, many significant tombs were constructed at this site which rises the importance of this site. It is about 2 hours from Hyderabad and Karachi.




This Noor Mahal or Noor palace is situated in bahawalpur cant and is about 150 years old. This palace is supposed to built in the time of subah sadiq and his family was supposed to live there but unfortunately his wife lived there only for one night and left the palace because of basti maluk shah’s graveyard. And after that it was used as a state guest house and many huge meeting were held there. This huge palace has about 32 rooms, 14 of them are in basement with 5 domes and 6 verandas that are still up to date.

Viisting Hours

The visiting hours for noor mahal are 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily.

noori mahl



Hunza valley, the beautiful scenic valley in northern areas of Pakistan has the historical fort of Pakistan named as baltit fort, lies in the karimabad capital of hunza. The very unique factor about baltit fort is it lies on an artificially flattened spur on the  glacier and because of which you will get the amazing view o hunza valley from here. This fort was built back in 16th century and it was part of dowry given you the princess of baltistan. By taking Any Hunza tour Packages 2024 you can viist this historical place.

Viisting Hours

It has undergo many alteration from that time and now it is open for tourist between the time of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

baltt fort



This is the Most amazing place to visit but unfortunately being at the desert border with India, tourist may face difficulty visiting these temples. These are the collection of abandoned temples back in 12th to 15th century. The manufacturing of these temples represents the expressions of Jain architecture. You will see about 14 temples at this one place. Along with temple you will see the Bhodesar mosque that was built in 1505 CE. This site can be reachable only from Mithi.




The above article is the small sample about beautiful historical places that lies on the land of Pakistan. The visit to historical places of Pakistan will give you the broad perspective of cultures and traditions of Pakistan and also it will tell you all the stories that had happened back in 100 or 150 years ago.

Is mohenjodaro included in the historical places of Pakistan?

Yes, mohenjodaro is also included in the historical places of Pakistan. It was constructed in 1921 and it consist of mud and baked bricks . this sites gives you the whole representation of Indus civilization.

Is there any time limitation to visit these places?

Yes, you have to visit these places on the visiting hours as after that time these sites will be closed for tourists.