Being a human being we cherish every mesmerizing and beautiful view of nature and heaven being the mother of beauty and views. How will you react if I say you can get the heaven on earth. Yeah, you read it right, heaven on earth.

Hunza valley the small valley in gilgit baltistan is known as the heaven on earth. Although there is no other speciality than beautiful views. But those views always gets the tourist sight. Hunza valley considered as one of the main destination when foreigners or even Pakistanis thing about vacations. People always want to spend their vacations with their closed one on a calm place that will help them to get relax.

Table of contents
Brief introduction to hunza valley
Heaven on earth
What is hunza valley
Where it is located?
Weather condition in hunza valley
Three valleys in hunza
Routes to hunza valley
By air
By road
Top attractions in hunza valley
Must try dishes of hunza valley
Best time to visit hunza valley
Things to do in hunza valley
Tips and suggestions for the tour


The very true jewel of Pakistan lies at the altitude of about 2438 meters in the north region of Gilgit Baltistan. Hunza valley has the captivating scenic views, lots of huge peaks with crystal clear dark blue lake water running along the cool breeze of mountains. The huge icy glaciers lies on the peaks of mountains that supplies melted water to different lakes lies on the land of hunza valley.

When you visit this place, you will get the idea that this valley is actually very close to china as compare to the main area of Pakistan.

In this engaging scenic valley, you will get your heads up to see the huge body of Rakaposhi mountain in the capital of hunza , karimabad. If you want to be at ease while planning a trip to hunza valley, you should consider its sub divisions which are:

Upper Hunza,

Central Hunza

lower Hunza.

In upper hunza, you will find the most magical place of hunza valley,chapursan valley, located at the border of afghan wakhan. To get to see this beautiful remote place in gilgit baltistan, you have to travel on either jeep or motor bike on uneven bumpy road for about 4- 5 hours and then you will see the real beauty lies in the valley of upper hunza.

Misgar valley, situated at the Pakistan’s border with china and Afghanistan. This is an old ancient village lies in hunza valley and most famous for its old silk road. Huge size markhors can be seen at the village.

Shingshal the other name of Shimshal valley which lies abut 3113 meters above sea level. Shimshal is the favorite spot for trekkers and mountaineers especially in summers. This valley is accessible by the most dangerous route of northern area in Pakistan.


Mood swings of a person is a very common thing to hear about but in hunza you will see the mood swings of weather. You cant trust the weather of hunza valley. One minute you will see the shiny sun over your head and the other moment it will all get dark with the umbrella of clouds.

In the days of shiny sun, July to august, tourist might experience the smooth weather in hunza valley of gilgit baltistan. The shiny rays  from sun striking the huge rocks and refracting on the water of lakes will let you see the whole new world lies in the small valley of gilgit baltistan.

If we talk about the icy weather of hunza valley, December to February. These months will allow you to get the captivating chilly vibe of hunza valley. Temperature condition lies from -10 degrees to -5 degrees in winters that will turn the whole valley into land of ice.


Different tour packages areare available like islambad to hunza valley tour, Lahore to hunza valley tour. In these packages you will get all the facilities during your travel time. You will have 2 options to reach the heaven of gilgit baltistan.

    • By road
    • By air

If you are a daring or audacious person, you will love the road route to hunza valley. As the roads of hunza valley are somehow uneven or dangerous so, it will be good to take a good condition small vehicle. Also you can take the bus option. From Islamabad to hunza valley, 24 hours bus service is available.

You have two options from islambad to hunza valley:


Islamabad- abbottabad- mansehra- naran- chilas- gilgit – hunza


Islamabad- mardan- swat- chitral- gilgit- hunza

Route from Lahore to hunza valley is:

Lahore- Islamabad- abbottabad- mansehra- naran- chilas-gilgit – hunza

To reach the beautiful valley of hunza from islambad it will take almost 15-16 hours by road. And Lahore to hunza valley, it will take about 20-22 hours.

By air you will almost have a flight of 1 hour and 30 minutes from islambad to hunza valley and from Lahore to hunza valley. It will take about 11 hours.


You will get the whole detail about the attractions in hunza valley in top places to visit in hunza valley or you can also search to hunza valley tour packages 2024. let me tell you briefly about the places that requires a must visit.

    • Passu cones (Passu glaciers)
    • Hussaini bridge
    • Shimshal valley
    • Attabad lake
    •  Eagles nest
    • Baltit fort


If you are a burger person and exploring the lands of hunza valley, then the very must place to visit is then YAK GRILL that is operated by the two brothers of Passu. These burgers will make your forget the burgers you have tried in your whole life, these are life-changers.

Not getting your pizza or tacos in the small valley? don’t worry you can try the hunza pizza that is CHAPSHURO. This is a crust less pie that has the filling of different meat, spices and other material. This will clearly give you the taste of can get this must try dish of hunza from street stalls and also from high class restaurants, cost can be different depending on from where you are buying it.


DIRAM PITTI, the dish you will mostly see in the local festivals of hunza valley. It’s a soft, brownish, sweet taste with almond and apricot seed oil.




The perfect time to visit the heaven on earth is between MAY- SEPTEMBER. As these months are governed by sun, and you will get the clear view of sky and all the top attractions of hunza valley. Also road to hunza valley are snow capped in winter so summers will be the best option to visit the hunza valley and enjoy your summer vacations.

So hurry up and book your hotels from best hotels in hunza valley and get started with your vacations.


Tired of sitting in your hotel room? don’t get upset there are many things that you can do in hunza valley and enjoy your whole time. Lets see what are the activities to do in hunza valley during your hunza tour:

    1. Get a tour of Altit baltit fort ( historical icon of hunza valley will tell you more antique history of hunza valley)
    2. Never miss out the delicious mouth watering dishes of hunza valley
    3. Get a cycle ride (explore the valley through back streets on cycle ride)
    4. See the wild life of hunza valley ( hunza villages or kunjerab national park will give you the sight of different animals)
    5. Hussaini bridge (don’t forget to cross the Hussaini bridge and take a dangerous risk of your life).
    6. Paddling or boating in borith lake
    7. Trekking on the peaks of mountains

route to hunza


    • Always bring your warm clothes with you and your skin essentials
    • Yo should have a proper budget with you on your trip so that you wont face any financial issue.
    • During your visit, never disrespect any local of hunza valley
    • When you see the beautiful valley, you will get the idea of how clean and pure that area is, so, avoid throwing trash on streets.
    • As the hunza valley lies on higher altitude, you might get lack of oxygen issues.
    • Search before your trip everything about the hunza valley, top attractions of hunza valley, best hotels in hunza valley, lakes in hunza valley. Each and everything should be planned before starting your trip


Hunza valley is considered as the heaven on earth and who does not want to see the heaven while living their life. Although the place is very easy to go but still if you are not fully prepared, you might face different issues. So it is best to first check the complete tour guide to hunza valley. Sp that there wont be any hindrance in the enjoyment of your trip.

North gate way has bring you the complete guide to hunza valley to put a ease in your trip.

Can we visit the border in hunza valley?

Although you might need a permission, but you can get to see the border from far.

How can I find the traditional food in hunza valley?

You will get the traditional food of hunza valley even on the street stall. If you area hygienic person and wants to try high standard food then you can get the order for traditional dishes even in five star restaurants in hunza valley.