Kashmir, always one of the hot topic in the news either its about the rash weather condition or about the spring colors in summers. Kashmir is considered as one of the most beautiful or scenic spot in Pakistan. Even in India Kashmir has its own fame family.

Either it’s a snow falling from the crystal clear sky or the bright rays of vitamin D coming direct from the sun, Kashmir has been the best nature closed point in over all Pakistan. Residents of Pakistan always plan their summer holidays in Kashmir areas so that they can ditch the hot weather of Punjab and Sindh. even people from abroad whenever visits Pakistan, their things to do list will always have a tour to Kashmir.

Wait a second! You are planning a trip to Kashmir but do you know where you have to go in Kashmir,  how will you travel to Kashmir, what are things that you have to pack with you and most importantly what are the places or spots  that you wish to visit in Kashmir to make your tour more remarkable.

Don’t panic, north gateway has given you the complete tour guide to Kashmir and also you will get Kashmir tour package 2024 from north gateway if you are interested.

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Kashmir, beautiful spot
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Kashmir beauty of Pakistan
Routes to Kashmir
PIA flight charges
By road trip
Weather in Kashmir
Best time to visit
Top attractions in Pakistan
Places to visit in Pakistan
Wild life in Kashmir
Things to do in Kashmir
Accommodation in Kashmir
Top hotels in Kashmir
Famous kashmiri cuisine
Must try dishes in Kashmir
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Kashmir is basically part of  both  India and Pakistan, lies at the northwestern part of Indian subcontinent as well as includes the Pakistani states of gilgit baltistan and Azad Kashmir. Azad Kashmir originally lies to the north of Punjab and east of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Azad Kashmir is the point where you will get the  sight of different mountain ranges like K2, Himalaya and many more, also different valleys, villages and high plateaus are available that all have their own cultures and customs with different specialities.

In Kashmir you will find different valleys or villages but one thing you will find similar is the beautiful nature, chirping of birds, crystal clear water streams, huge mountain ranges with cool breeze.


Reaching out the beautiful land of Kashmir can be done through

    •  road

If you are a adventurous person and want to lie every moment of your tour to Kashmir then you should opt with road option. This option is specifically for those who wants to explore the landscapes of Kashmir. From Islamabad to Kashmir it will almost take 4- 5 hours. And from Lahore to Kashmir it will take 5- 7 hours. Also the traveling time depends on the traffic condition.

So basically there are two routes to the beauty of Pakistan, Kashmir.

    • Through abbottabad
    • Through murree

It totally depends on the tourist, which route he wants to take for his journey. In both routes you will get to see many different sights.

Although at the start of your journey  these two routes will be different but at the end both of these route will take you to muzaffarabad and after that there is only one way to Kashmir through Neelum valley.


As Kashmir is a hilly station in Pakistan, you will always experience moderate or severe chill in Kashmir either you visit in June July or in December January. Mid time of year is always the best time to get the amazing experience of Kashmir.

From June to September you will find pleasant weather in Kashmir. Green lush meadows and huge sun shining mountains is the remarkable view that you will get in summer season of Kashmir. And also the time which is peak time of tourism in Kashmir.


Whenever you visit any place, one is always curious about all the hidden places of that place. Kashmir is the gem of Pakistan that have many hidden beautiful charms in the form of different villages or valley.  Although you will find beauty in every bit of Kashmir valley but still there are some remarkable places that you should try in your Kashmir tour. Lets take a look on those attractions that are most famous in Kashmir:

    • Srinagar
    • Arang kel
    • Gurez valley
    • Shounter lake
    • Neelum valley
    • Sharda
    • Ratti gali lake
    • Neelum river
    • Toli peer

shounter valley


These are some of the top attractions of Kashmir. You can also take a look at top places to visit in Kashmir.


You will find different flora and fauna according to the altitude and the weather of area. For example you will get the sights of oaks, cedrus deodara in temperate areas whereas in higher areas you will find pinus roxburghi, shorea robusta and semi deciduous floras.

Also the famous black bear population and Kashmir stag will be seen in dachigam national park.


There are some common things or activities that you can do in all the northern areas of Pakistan. Other than those you  also have many spots in Kashmir that will make you experience different activities in your Kashmir tour. If you are visiting Kashmir for the first time, you should do all of these following activities to make your trip more significant:

    1. River rafting (pahalgam, sonamarg)
    2. Paragliding
    3. parasailing
    4. Trekking
    5. Skiing
    6. Old Srinagar heritage walk
    7. Try kashmiri cuisine
    8. Shikara ride
    9. Houseboat stay
    10. Go for biking trails

These are all the things one should do if you want to make your Kashmir tour unforgettable.

tour guide to kashmir



In Kashmir you will get different hotels or resorts with different standard. You can have five star hotel or simply old cottage to stay. These all accommodation comes with different facilities. Like some hotels will give you a car service for your whole trip, some will give you a special visit to some specific place. So before choosing any hotel in Kashmir make sure they have everything that you need to relax your whole night after roaming whole day in Kashmir. Also you can check top hotels in Kashmir and the cheap hotels in Kashmir. Either you choose the top standard hotel or low level hotel you will get beautiful  view from your room’s window.


Along with having a beautiful scenic views, Kashmir also has mouth watering food collection and some of the traditional foods can only be found in Kashmir. Must try kashmiri local food that one should taste are:

    • Rogan josh- one of the signature dishes of kashmiri people. This dish is basically for lamb or meat lovers.
    • Modur pulav- for rice lover, Kashmir has Modur pulav that is prepared with cinnamon, saffron, milk, ghee, sugar, nuts, almonds and several other ingredients.
    • Yogurt lamb curry- if you want to get the taste of kashmiri’s, you should try yogurt lamb curry
    • Dum olav- this dish is specially prepared with fresh potatoes, yogurt, ginger powder. Fennel and other hot spices to add a unique flavor to the dish.

dahi kari



    • Despite of weather, always carry warm clothes with you as Kashmir weather is very unexpected.
    • Make sure to dress according to the culture while visiting their religious place
    • Respect their people and customs
    • Always carry some medicine with you that are of daily use.
    • Book your whole accommodation in Kashmir before starting your whole trip
    • Be prepared for any kind of road mishap like road block, protests and come kind of accidents.
    • Hire some expert guide for your trip
    • Make sure you have some extra financial budget with you


Many tour packages in Pakistan are available to add more ease to your whole journey to Kashmir. You can have different day trips like 2 day package to Kashmir, 5 days package to Kashmir. It is totally up-to you how long you want your trip. We have enlisted all the essential things that you should know before planning your Kashmir tour.

Can foreign people reach Kashmir through India?

Yes, but that will be the jammu Kashmir not the Azad Kashmir. For reaching Azad Kashmir you have to cross the border of India- Pakistan.

Can we go through bike to Kashmir?

Yes, many youngsters now adding more adventure to their Kashmir trip by going through bike ride.