Living in Pakistan and hasn’t yet visited the northern areas? Well that’s very shocking as people from abroad come to Pakistan to visit the Northern side of Pakistan.

Pakistan is one of those countries that are blessed with the captivating beauty of nature. All the things that enhance the effect of nature like huge snow capped mountain, crystal clear lakes or green lush meadows, all can be found on the land of Pakistan. You might not know this but Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Although Pakistan is famous for many things but the northern areas of Pakistan has a different level of fame. Northern areas of Pakistan are well known because of the mesmerizing views lies on that land that increases the curiosity in tourist to explore more about the beauty of Pakistan. Today we are going to talk about a valley of northern areas of Pakistan that is known as Swat valley. This will be the complete tour guide for swat.

Table of contents
Pakistan being one of the most beautiful country
Swat valley
Switzerland in Pakistan
Where it is?
Routes to swat valley
By road
By air
Weather condition in swat
Best time to visit
Top attractions in swat valley
Things t do in swat valley
Accommodation in swat
Must try food
Language diversity



Are you rich enough to spend your summer vacation in Switzerland? If not, no need to cry your heart out. You can see the the Switzerland in Pakistan. Swat valley is considered as the Switzerland of Pakistan as its beauty resembles the captivating beauty of Switzerland, which is a  country famous for its enhancing beautiful natural views.


This adorable Switzerland of Pakistan is located at the prominence of Hindu kush mountain range. This valley is surrounded  by the huge mountains along with the river swat that add up more elements in the charm of valley. This valley lies at the altitude of about 9500 feet.

Once this valley was a core center for Buddhists and until now you will find about 100 archaeological sites in the valley.


Just like many other northern areas of Pakistan, here you can also avail any option from 2 either by road or by flight. If you want to enjoy the whole view of northern areas then you should take the road route so that you can experience many new things by taking swat tour packages 2024.

From islambad to swat it will take almost 5-6 hours . You can take the motorway M-1 and reach out the mardan- interchange from where you have to drive for about 112 kilometers to Mingora or Saidu Sharif. In recent years public transport has also improved as many tourists like to travel through bus so that they will get bus traveling experience too. On your way to swat you will find lots of attraction and also rest by areas where you can get a cup of tea and relax yourself for a while.

By air, you will reach the Saidu Sharif airport from wherever you are starting your journey. You will easily get the islambad to Saidu Sharif,  Lahore to Saidu Sharif  and Peshawar to Saidu Sharif flights.

Although the whole route will be in best condition because of motorway but still after passing motorway you have to pass by few spots that will be hard to get through because of uneven or bumpy roads.


Weather condition in whole northern part of Pakistan is almost same somehow. Like you get shiny sun between may and September and after that land of snow will be seen. But never forget that if you are sensitive person and can’t handle the heavy snow, then you should not visit this valley in winters as winters are bit too harsh to tourists.

But for summers, you will fall in love with summer season  if you visit this valley in summers. The bright rays from sun changes the whole colors of valley and make it more picturesque.


The very best time for tourism in swat is summer season. As we have mentioned above winter can be hard for tourists. If you are now nature loving person then June and July will be the best time for you to visit this adorable valley in Pakistan. But still prepare some warm comfy clothes with you as nights in swat valley is not less than winters night.


Although the whole valley is beautifully made by the God but still there are some places in swat that are considered as must visited places. Also you can search  top places to visit in swat valley by north gateway. In that list you will get all the places that are worth visiting. Lets take a brief look on some places that gets the most of hype.

    • Ushu forest
    • Mahudand lake
    • Fizaghat
    • Kalam valley
    • Kundol lake
    • bahrain

guide to swat valley


These are some of the main attractions in swat valley that you should try in your swat tour.


Vacation trips should not be like sitting in your hotel room or just seeing the huge mountains from your room’s window. It should be of more adventure and thrill. So lets see what are the activities that you can do in swat valley to make your whole swat valley tour more memorable.

    • Water rafting on the swat river (you will experience the white water rafting in this activity)
    • don’t forget to spend a day in trekking
    • Explore the beauty of swat valley by visiting its villages and town
    • Tour to Buddhist monasteries to know more about the history lies in the land of swat


The very important part of your tour, where to stay?. after enjoying whole day roaming here and there, at last you need a comfortable bed to rest for whole night. So always book your accommodation before planning a trip. You can also see best hotels in swat valley to get the idea about all the hotels, their standards and facilities given by the hotel. So that you can decide that which one will be more suitable for you.


Always remember to try the food of any place that you visit so that you will always remember the taste of that particular place. Swat is very famous for its delicious food and also have lots of famous dishes that are

Trout fish

The very famous fish in northern areas of Pakistan that you can even get directly from the lakes of swat.

Shinwari karahi

This is the famous pashtu dish that is cooked with different meat and also served with different styles. People also love their lamb meat karahi


Never ever miss the juicy mouth watering mutton or lamb chops of swat valley. They are marinated with raw papaya and then make it more chew able. Lastly served with different spices, raita and onions.

Kabuli pulao

The very famous dish of swat valley that is also now serve in other cities of Pakistan. Dish is basically of rice with meat, carrot, cabbage, peanuts, and spices.

kabuli pulao



In swat valley you will get to see people speaking different languages other than pashtu like gawri, qashqai, ushojo, badeshi and torwali. All of these languages add a unique factor in the culture of swat valley.

They have their own culture and festivals that are celebrated every year in whole valley.


    • Always plan a week trip to swat valley so that you can easily enjoy the whole valley.
    • Phone service or internet might not work in the valley, only ptcl service will be given.
    • Book your hotel one month prior to your trip
    • If you are coming by bus, make sure to rent a car from your hotel
    • Bring all the essential things with you
    • Bring comfy warm clothes


Pakistan tour planners are always there to plan your whole trip just the way you want. North gateway is also giving you different options in your trip packages like you can get 3 days trip to swat or 5 days trip to swat. Also you can customize your trip according to your choices. So what are you waiting your go to north gateway site and book your trip to swat valley.

Can we do trekking in swat valley?

Yes, you will get different option for your trekking like you can go trekking on kalam valley, jarogo waterfall and many more.

What is the local dish of swat valley?

It has variety of dishes mainly non vegetarian dishes.