Are you tired of your 9-5 job or the dull routine of your daily life?. Almost everyone’s answer is yes. As being a human being, we need some time to relax our mind and body so that we can be prepared for upcoming days. And it will be more fantastic If those relaxing time will be close to nature. Nature being the best healer in the world.Even if a person spend one whole day close to nature, it will be so pleasant and relaxing for him. But how can you spend your time in nature, you cant just start roaming in mountains or meadows. Person need a spot where he can stay whole day and enjoy the me time with nature.


Camping, word generated from camp that is used for temporary accommodation purpose or stay. Camping nowadays is the most popular thing to do during the vacation time. Person in camp will sleep or wake up in the middle of nature.

But for camping you need to decide the place where you can arrange your camp and enjoy the whole scenic view of the place. Pakistan, being one of the country having most beautiful scenic sites, will get you so many places that will be perfect for your camping site.

In northern areas of Pakistan you will get site of snow capped mountains along with the crystal clear water of lake that will enhance the beauty of mountains and get the tourist a cool breeze.

Other than if you want to experience the sun kissed beaches with fresh green forest, you should run to the Sindh province of Pakistan.


Before choosing any site for camping, you should consider some points so that yo will get the amazing experience with captivating beauty of nature. So first lets see what are the points that you should consider while choosing the site for your camping.

    1. Make sure you choose the place that has large space so that you can arrange your camp easily.
    2. Always consider the leveled surface for camping.
    3. Always check the weather forecast before starting your camping
    4. If the weather forecast is not good for upcoming day, make sure you have everything with you so that you can handle the rainy situation.
    5. Choose the place where you can get at-least some of the essentials like near a lake you will get water easily.
    6. If you are camping in winters, place it under the sun. For summers find a place with some shades.

Now you know the factors that you should consider for getting the amazing experience of camping. Now let’s get to the point that what are the some camping sites in Pakistan.


Shogran is considered as the most easy to reach camping site in Pakistan. The lush green huge pine forest and meadows are the famous point of shogran. Shogran is the mesmerizing site located in the kaghan valley at the altitude of about 1200 meters above sea level. You will find shogran one of the top places to visit in kaghan valley.

If you decide to do camping at shogran site, you will get to do a lot of fun activities like you will get the amazing hiking trails along with the swimming option in lakes around shogran. You can also get the fish free of cost from lake and get delicious dinner in your camp. In shogran you won’t miss anything like you will get each and everything including good food, mobile service, people to talk and many more activities.

If you want to visit the skardu or hunza valley you can make your camp in shogran and go by your car to enjoy the other nearby valleys.


If you have tried the top places in Neelum valley, you must have visited the place known as arang kel. This place is considered as the best site for camping. By arranging your camp at arrang kel you will be at the height of about 7800 feet. Although it is not very easily accessible site but you will get the most incredible experience of your life during your camping at arang kel.

If you are planning to go to arang kel for camping make sure you go between June to August. That is the peak time of enhancing beauty of arang kel.


Deosai national park or deosai plain is the spot for animal lovers. If you want to see the beautiful animals of skardu, you should go there. The highest point of deosai plain is at 5100 meters. During your camping time, you will get a lot of time to explore the huge flora and fauna lies on the land of deosai plains.

If you are an animal person and loves to spend your leisure time with animal then this is the best spot for you to do camping and relax yourself.


Pir chinasi is one of the famous hill station in Pakistan that is about 30 km from Muzaffarabad. The camping site at Pir chinasi lies at the elevation of about 9500 feet above sea level. If you do the camping at this site you will get the whole fascinating view of AJK also with Muzaffarabad city. While going to the camping site at Pir chinasi you will get an even road. If you want to enjoy your camp with bonfire and amazing view, you should consider the time between June and September. Also if you want to do camping in some isolation then you should do the hiking for about 30 minutes from the top and get to the adjacent hill which is a less crowded place.


You can get the idea about the beauty from the name of this place. This site located in kaghan valley and  is one of the best site to do camping. You will also get the site of wildlife in fairy meadows. Also you will get access to different waterfalls in kaghan valley. If you are planning to do camping with family, this place will be the best option as it does not has any high peak or cliff that will be difficult to travel.


Camping during summer time will be best in nearby area of lake or waterfall. As it will be the cool areas as compare to other. Ratti Gali Lake will be the best spot in Neelum valley for camping. This lake lies at the height of about 6000 feet above sea level. And also lies in the heart of huge mountain ranges and hilly rocks. Lake water can also be used for swimming purpose in your camping time and get the bonfire during night times. Also night at this place will be little bit chilly so don’t forget to bring some warm clothes.


This desert found in the Punjab region of Pakistan that is about 30 km away from Bahawalpur. The weather in summers or winters are very harsh at desert so the best time to visit cholistan desert is between February to April and august to October. In cholistan desert you will get rich culture and historical values with the site of colorful firework at night. You can get the spot for camping near beautiful derawar fort in the desert.

cholistan desert


Other than northern areas of Pakistan, you will also get amazing spots for camping in southern part of Pakistan. If you want to see the beautiful sunset from the beach of kund malir and get the relaxing, calm environment, this place will be the perfect point. From Karachi you will have only 4 hours ride to kund malir.


In the district of manshera, you will get this lake located in kaghan valley. This place is not very crowded one, located at the height of about 12500 feet above sea level. You will also find different guides that will guide you to the perfect spot for camping. During your camping time, you can also do some trekking and trout fish catching to spend your time.


This beautiful site for camping is located 8 kilometers from shogran. While going for the camping site at Siri paye, you will first get to the lake and then you will head to the meadows at the top point. As it is located in KPK, the best time to do the camping at SIRI PAYE will be the July to September month.


In your everyday life style, everyone get frustrated and need a small period of time to relax themselves. The best way to relax your self is to spend some quality time with nature. Either it’s a huge mountains or sand filled desert. Camping is the best generated activity for the people who wants to enjoy and relax their holidays. In this article we have mentioned some of the beautiful sites that are good for camping in Pakistan.

What are the essential things that we need for camping?

Following things should be with you while going for a camping:
Warm clothes
Waterproof tent
Practice arranging tent
Essential food to eat
Essential Medicines
always read about the place where you are going for camping

Can we have any group or other tourist with us?

You can join any group like camping clubs, hiking and camping trip to fully enjoy the camping experience in Pakistan.