Table of contents
Brief introduction to skardu
Where it is?
Routes to skardu
Routes from Islamabad to skardu
Air route, PIA service
Weather of skardu
Best time to visit this place
Things to do in skardu
Visit Skardu bazaar
view at Marsur rock
Sand-boarding in safarang desert
kharpocho fort
relax in the ambiance of organic forest
trip to best places to visit in skardu
Try trout fish
Attend polo festival
Must try dishes
Tips and suggestion

Summers are almost here, very soon everyone will be exhausted by the heat of sun, why not lets ditch this summer’s sun and get to the cool breeze of Pakistan where you can refresh your whole body and enjoy your summer holidays with your family and friend in much better environment.

Let me tell you about the place that you might heard about but don’t know the exact specialty of that place. Skardu, a very small valley in the northern areas of Pakistan but it is the most hyped place in northern area. Skardu hype is not fake, you will get to know this when you visit this place by yourself. But before packing your bags to explore this city of Gilgit Baltistan, wait for a while and read this blog so that you will get the whole idea about the place and what are the essential things that you have to take and do.


So, the very first question arises. Where this hyped valley is located? And the answer is, east of northern Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan. Although this is a small valley but still you will get the complete location on google maps. This summer’s hidden spot basically lies at the altitude of 2230 which is also a reason behind the cool weather of this place. This valley also get the map hint as it lies along the beautiful rivers of Pakistan, river Shigar and Indus River. Now you know the locality of skardu let’s jump to other important points included in the complete tour guide of skardu.


What is the use of locality of place when you don’t even know how to get to that place? Let’s explore first the routes that will take you to see this scenic valley of Gilgit Baltistan. First you have to decide either you want to choose the road trip to skardu or by flight.

If you are an adventurous person somehow and wants to enjoy your whole trip including traveling then it will be good idea to choose the road tour. You will experience many things that will make your skardu tour more remarkable.

If you are a resident of Islamabad and start your trip from Islamabad then you will have 2 routes which are as follow. But before jumping to route make sure you hire the expert driver so that there won’t be any life risk for you in road trip.


Islamabad, Mansehra, Besham, Dasoo, Chillas, Jaglot, skardu

If you want to make your road trip more memorable, you can take the route of


Islamabad, Manshera, Balakot, Naran, Babusar top, Chilas, Jaglot, skardu

Here’s a lifesaving tip to either take a bus route, go with some group tour or hire an expert driver or you can also avail the amazing skardu tour packages 2024 by north gateways.

Being a smooth life living person you will never choose the road trip so PIA Pakistan air flight service is here to serve its best services from Islamabad to skardu and from Karachi to skardu. Air transport is also very demanding for skardu tour because skardu has its own airport so people will land on the land of their destination.

Your expense will be a lot as compare to road trip to skardu, it will be about 26,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR, from Karachi to skardu. Islamabad to skardu will cost 9150 PKR to 13,500 PKR.


Before packing your bags to enjoy the cool breeze of summer in skardu, always check the weather forecast of skardu. So that you will get the whole idea about things you have to take with you and what will be the situation there.

Summers in skardu won’t be that much harsh as compare to in Punjab and Sindh, there temperature can rise maximum to 23 degrees to 25 degrees. This happens in July to august and in winters temperature will go even below 0 degrees. In all aspects you can enjoy your summers in skardu with less sweating and less heat on your head. Although the nights are more chilly even in summers so you will need some winter comfy clothes.

Even if you are thinking to take the tour of skardu in winters, you can. But circumstances might be different like you won’t get the chance to see the lush green meadows or forest in the skardu valley and also the vibe of summers in skardu is at different level and I am sure you don’t want to miss that.

Get the chance to sit on the lush green grass on the land of skardu and get the cool breeze coming straight from the peaks of mountain range during the months of June and September. Also the autumn weather is also very eye catching in skardu.

Although the road to skardu will give you life and death experience but one can also enjoy those adventures but only if you have expert driver who knows exactly how to move the wheels of vehicle on those roads. Here are some tips to avoid any bad thing to happen on the roads of skardu:

      • Use the small vehicles that are in good shape

      • Avoid traveling in night time as it may be dangerous

      • Never rush, take your whole time and then drive on those road

      • Get a proper tour guide

      • Always check your vehicle’s tires condition

    • Check out for any land sliding or any weather change in coming days


tour guide to skardu


Although enjoying every moment in this beautifully made valley is also one of the best thing to do in skardu but there are some other things that people with active and sharp personality wants to do.

      1. Skardu bazaar being the main point of valley, is a must try place in skardu. Even in bazaar you will get to learn more about skardu valley.
      2. Must try the view at Marsur rock.
      3. Sand-boarding in safarang desert.
      4. Visit and learn about the history of kharpocho fort.
      5. Take your time to relax in the ambiance of organic forest.
      6. Make a trip to best places to visit in skardu.
      7. Try trout fish


Mouth watering food is another specialty of Pakistan and skardu being the part of Pakistan hold the much demanded dishes that people wish to eat once. For foodie person, the place will have no good thing in it until unless you serves the mouth watering food in front of him. Then it will be the bestest place for him. The delicious and delectable must try dishes in skardu are following.


      1. The very famous Trout fish, that you can get even in bazaar of skardu or directly from any lake of skardu. People in skardu enjoy the trout fish with the ambiance of local bread and the side spicy chutney. Trout house is the best place to have trout fish in skardu.
      2. The very famous dish even in Islamabad, Mamtu or dumplings. Mamtus are served with the sharply cut onions, yogurt and some spicy sauce.
      3. If you really enjoyed eating dumpling then you should go for Chapshoro that is a meat filled dumpling, fillings of this dish will be of your choice.
      4. Apricot being the famous food in skardu, has its own dish called apricot cake. It is a must try desert after having nay meal in skardu and get the taste of sweet and tangy flavor.

trout fsh



      • Always check for flight availability in advance, of you want to take air route to skardu

      • Don’t take huge luggage with you. Always pack some essential but comfortable warm clothes with you

      • Hire a proper expert guide, so that you will get the chance to even see the hidden spots in the beauty of skardu valley

    • For accommodation, check for hotels and resort with all the facilities. You can also check best hotels in skardu valley


skardu fort


So, here is your whole tour to skardu. Now you know all the important things about skardu. If you also want to know about this place in more deep way than you can have north gateway skardu tour package 2024, and grab the chance to just enjoy your time under the responsibility of tour planner.

What are you waiting for now, pack your bags and get started with the most amazing experience of your life.

How long it will take if we go by road to skardu?

It will take almost 14 to 16 hours to reach the beautiful valley of skardu by road. It also depends on the road condition and traffic.

Why skardu is so famous in Pakistan?

Whole northern areas of Pakistan is famous because of its green lush scenic view and the huge mountains that enhances the beauty of whole area.