What are you waiting for? Summers are here. Book your northern area tour package with gateway tours 2024 and enjoy your whole northern area tour of hunza valley and get the chance to see the beauty and culture of hunza valley.

Even if you are from out of Pakistan you can easily avail these tour package with their full facilities. From airport you can use the rent a car to northern area or you can simply add up this service in your tour package. Hunza tour package 2024 is allowing you to get a mesmerizing tour of your life in which you will see the breathtaking lakes with crystal water and the snow capped mountains with the history of oldest castles.  Lets see what are the tourist attraction points in hunza valley that are worth watching.

Table of contents
Attabad lake
Passu cones
Kunjerab pass
Deukir point
Altit & baltit fort
Hopper glaciers
Minapin Nagar
Hussaini suspension bridge


Hunza valley tour packages will telL you see the real beauty inside the hunza valley in the name of Attabad lake which is found in the huge mountains of karakoram. Its picturesque crystal water has made it a tourist attraction. Especially in springs, tourists visit this place to enjoy the colorful season of springs with the  crystal clear water.

Pakistan tour packages has always included the places that will give you the breathtaking experiences and this place is also included in all those tour packages. Because of its finest beauty on the land it is considered as the Pakistan’s finest lake.

This beautiful lake of hunza valley is 13 miles in length and with the depth of 358 feet.



Mountains tour packages will always take you to see the beauty of karakoram range. On the side of karakoram range, you will get the amazing site of edged peaks that are called as Passu cones. These peaks are named as cones because it has the shape of cones. Highest mountain in region is the Passu cones with the height of 6,106 meters.

These peaks are one of the most visited destination in hunza valley. These mountains are found in the town of Passu that is surrounded by the breathtaking views of mountains and the river that is flowing through this town. This town has gained the popularity because of being the place:

    • To hike
    • To trek
    • For mountains
    • For best photography


If you want to see the Passu glacier, you have to hike there and need a proper guide to get on the glacier. These glaciers are the dangerous one, if you are new to these type of places you should take a guide for the day.


pasu cones


History tour packages Pakistan, will always take you to see the trading point between Pakistan and china. Kunjerab pass is the gateway between Pakistan and china. This place is the last point of hunza valley. This is the Pakistan’s largest border with 4706m/15439 ft. While tour to kunjerab pass, you will drive through the kunjerab national park. In kunjerab national park, you will encounter the animals like ibex, yaks and marmots. Its not like that whenever you are passing by this park you will see them. Its just about the  luck. It is also known as the kunjerab Pak China border.



Most attractive spot in hunza, Deukir point that is also named as Eagles nest sunrise and sunset. This beautiful spot in hunza valley will give you the remarkable view of sunset and sunrise. This viewpoint is situated in duiker village in hunza valley. From this eagle nest point you will also get the site of Pakistan’s most famous Rakaposhi. This highest point, eagle nest will give you the whole view of this region. Northern area tour packages always include this place in their tour packages so that tourists can get the most incredible view of their life.

eagle nest hunza-min


Altit fort is the oldest castle in the hunza valley and also the hometown of the hereditary rulers of hunza who won the title of Mirs. Hunza valley tour package of gateway tour packages will allow you to see the history of hunza through this ancient fort. This fort was prince residence for about 1100 years ago. This fort is famous for its royal garden and also the communities that are surrounding this fort. Hunza valley tour package 2024 will get you to see the oldest forts of hunza that is Altit and baltit fort. Baltit fort has marked the history royals that lived here once. This fort is found on the top of bazaar. Pakistan tour packages allow you to see the 600 years old castle in hunza valley.



Glaciers of Pakistan will always take you t the sight of hopper glaciers that lies about 40 to 45 minutes trek from karimabad. This glacier is very different from other glaciers  because of its Grey black color. In hopper valley you will see lots of glaciers like rush lake, shalter peak, baltar and hopper glacier. Hopper valley is situated at the distance of about 10 kilometer from Nagar khas which is the capital town. Hopper valley is considered as the most beautiful valley in the region.



Minapin Nagar is the worth watching village that lie at the elevation of 3000 meters above sea level. Hunza valley tour package 2024 will let you enjoy the different views from different angles  of Rakaposhi. One of the view is from this majestic valley. This valley show tourist the real meaning of rural life where you will encounter farming and warm hospitality. This village is the starting point for the Rakaposhi base camp trek from where you can do your hiking or treks. In this village you can easily enjoy the colors of festivals with traditional food items.
Minapin glacier lies in the karakoram range of Pakistan. In whole area, Minapin glacier is the most prominent one.



One of the Highest peaks of Pakistan, Rakaposhi is the mesmerizing peak that is located in the hunza valley. Rakaposhi mountains covers almost 20 kilometers from east to west. This highest mountain is at the elevation of 7788 m with worth watching surrounding attractions. Rakaposhi is the snow covered mountain this mountain has crystal like snow throughout year. Northern area tour packages 2024 will allow you to get the sight of this mesmerizing mountain whose weather is always cold regardless of the season. So, the best time according to Pakistan trip planner or northern area trip planner is the, summers in which you get the clear sight of whole mountain and even all the northern areas of Pakistan.



Gulmit is one of the most visited tourist attraction in hunza. If you want to see the huge colors of nature, this village is the best option that lies between the Gojal valleys. This village is on the karakoram highway. The best thing about this village is that it will show the unique cultural spots that other valleys or villages of hunza does not have. In Hunza valley tour package of gateway tour package you will get the idea the chance to see this village that has all the sides of nature including mountains, monuments and the amazing climate.



Hussaini suspension bridge is known as the most dangerous bridge of world, it has six cables on one side and four cables on the other side. Even some planks of wood are also missing creating huge gap that are difficult to cross. Hussaini suspension bridge is considered as the highest bridge in the world. There are many places in northern areas of Pakistan that encounter different rivers, this suspension bridge is crossed by the hunza river. Near the bridge you will get different tourist spots from where you get top snacks of hunza valley. This bridge is one of the most loved tourist spot. This bridge also has the ticket price of 200 Pakistani rupees.



Northern area tour packages 2024 will give you chance to experience one of the best place in the Pakistan that is hunza valley. Hunza valley has lots of tourist spots that will give you different experiences for every person. You will get to see the old cultures of hunza valley. Hunza valley tour package 2024 is allowing you to see the real beauty of Pakistan in the way of mountains, peaks, lakes and glaciers.


What is the best way to reach hunza valley?

If you can afford the air ticket you can simple get the plane tickets but if you really want to enjoy your whole tour and see the different colors of nature then you should go for road trip to hunza valley.

What is the best time of year to visit hunza valley?

The best time to see the clear beauty of hunza valley is the summer time.