Are you one of those who avail all the facilities to broaden their experiences? Pakistan Tour Packages 2024 has come to facilitate all the people in Pakistan and all around the world. If you want a better experience for your northern areas tour you should immediately book your tour with northern areas tour packages 2024. Even the people living in Karachi can book the northern areas tour packages from Karachi that will facilitate them from Karachi to the northern areas.  Gateway Skardu tour package is here to give you a startling experience for Skardu city which is famous for its amazingly manufactured forts and valleys and also the waterfalls. This article is going to give you a brief description of the top 10 places to visit in Skardu.

Table of contents
Deosai National Park
 Shangri-La lake
 Upper kachura lake
 Satpara lake
 Bashoo valley
 Shigar valley
 Khaplu valley
 Kharpocho fort
 Manthoka Waterfall
 Soaq valley


Skardu tour is incomplete without visiting the site of deosai national park. Deosai national park has the huge plains and also known as the land of Giants. In this skardu national park, you will get to see the huge animals like brown bear, Siberian ibex, snow leopard and most amazingly featured himlayan wolf. Skardu tourism is famous for the calmness of this city. This land of greenery is also famous for its beauty at the time of dawn and dusk. Skardu tour package will get you to the deosai national park along with the sheosar lake, this enchanting lake has the elevation of 13,589 ft above sea level. While enjoying the beauty of this deep blue lake you will also get the backdrop of the amazingly huge nanga parbat. Deosai national park is suitably visited in summers so that tourist can enjoy this best tourist spot in skardu.


Skardu tour packages 2024 will take you to the elevation of 2499m to let you enjoy the riveting beauty of Shangri-La lake that is almost surrounded by the red hut cottages.Shangri-La was first time invented in 1983 with the grand opening of its first resort in skardu. If you avail the family tour packages in Pakistan with your family, you will get to see the beauty of this lake that’s surrounded by the deep dense forest with the view of lofty mountains. This tourist spot will get you to see the scarce variety of flora and fauna.


Northern areas tour packages 2024 will help you to see all the mesmerizing spots for the tourists. In this regard, we also have the upper kachura lake of skardu, which is a clear water lake that is with the elevation of 2500 meters. Pakistan trip packages have lots of places that will make you stay at that place , including this mesmerizing lake. Gateway tour packages will allow you to never miss the sight of this beautiful lake. Tourists enjoy their time in upper kachura lake and can spend hours in this lake while enjoying the trout fish and other activities at the lake.


Northern areas tour packages Pakistan 2024 will tell you that northern areas has lots of lakes and all are special in their ways. Here’s another dazing lake of skardu of Pakistan that is satpara lake. The water in this lake is coming from the melting ice of deosai plains. This tourism spot is best for the people who wants to enjoy the boating, fishing and to see the fairy land island in the center of lake. This lake is famous for fishing and the boating.


Pine forests or trees are the main point of northern areas of Pakistan. This city is also marked by the pine forest that attracts the tourist more and more. Furthermore you go do the other activities in bashoo valley like camping, hiking. If you want to enjoy your northern area tour completely you can stay at this place during night time, as in night you will witness lots of stars above your head that will enhance the beauty of this lake.This tourist spot of skardu can be easily reached through jeep and it is almost 2 hours drive from skardu city.  Bashoo meadows is the must visit spot in skardu or bashoo valley. This is best place for people who enjoy camping cooking and hiking. This place is worth watching during the summer time. Gateway skardu tour package 2024 will help you to get the sight of this amazing site without any worries.


Shigar valley is the gateway to the karakoram mountains and its supply of water is Shigar river. Shigar valley is about 23km far from the skardu. This beauty of this valley is enhanced by the top fruits of skardu that are apricot, walnuts,pears and grapes. You will get the watery mouth whenever you see these fruits in the Shigar valley.

 In skardu tour packages you will get to see many pieces of architecture and one of them is the Shigar fort. It is considered as the most visited place in the Shigar valley and was previously known as the palace of rock. This amazingly manufactured fort will tell you a lot about the baltit culture  The other hidden beauty in the Shigar valley is the blind lake. In blind lake, tourists can enjoy their bare foot walk on sand and rocks and also experience the lush green beauty of this lake.


Pakistan trip packages allow you to enjoy the every beauty of Pakistan and this valley is one of the example of those beauties. Khaplu valley is the most romantic destination for honeymoon. It owns the picturesque location with bumpy or curvy road that are shaded with the huge leaf of trees. Khaplu valley tour packages will add jeep tour to this site as this services add up more twists and adventure in the beauty of valley. 

Khaplu valley has the magnificent Khaplu fort also known as fort on the roof. This enchanting Khaplu fort Pakistan lies on the upper side of Khaplu valley of Skardu.This tourist attraction fort is the perfect example of royal residence in Baltistan. Chaqchan mosque is the living example of amazing architects of Khaplu valley, this mosque was built when the whole area mass was converted from Buddhism to Islam.This chaqchan mosque was the area where Buddhist worship was done by the people.



Northern areas tour packages will allow you to get the sight from the hill top, and this can also done on the kharpocho fort. This oldest and renowned fort can give tourist hill top view of whole town. From this fort you will also get to experience the Indus river as it passes under the feet of this fort.


Its one of the largest waterfall of gilgit baltistan. This huge waterfall of skardu is surrounded by the green beauty of lush pastures and also the rocky mountains. Skardu tour packages 2024 will make you enjoy the beauty of this largest waterfall in skardu. Other than its mesmerizing refreshing water, it has a fish farm for trout fish that makes it an amazing point to stay and one of the best tourist spot on skardu. This waterfall is about 5 km away from main manthoka village and in between manthoka village and manthoka nala.


Northern area tour packages 2024 of gateway tour packages will make you see the hidden paradise of skardu, which lies on the upper side of kachura. Road to this charming valley is not so kind to people so it is better to take 4*4 vehicle. There are some activities to do in soaq valley like:

    • Trekking
    •  Camping
    •  Fishing
    •  Trout fish


Pakistan trip planner always help you to get he better sights of Pakistan. Even tour packages 2024 will let you enjoy the beauty of northern areas that also includes the skardu valley. Gateway skardu tour packages 2024 give you all the information and the facilities about the tourist spots in skardu and will help you to book the best resorts and hotels in skardu so that you can enjoy your whole trip. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip with gateway tour package 2024.


1. Can we easily go to these places in our small car?

Though you can go to these rocky sites in skardu in your small car but you wont be able to enjoy your ride as it wont be that much comfortable.

2. How much time prior we have to book our skardu trip?

At least one month before your trip you should do all the bookings so that their wont be any issue in your trip.