Naran is one of the most delightful places in Pakistan. Overall whole northern area of Pakistan is considered as the pleasing place to visit. Trip to northern area Pakistan, always facilitates the tourist who even came from other countries to see the natural beauty of Pakistan.

 Pakistan Tour packages 2024 of north gateways always make sure that tourist with them enjoy all the aspects of the place so that they will get stunning memories with them.


  • Table of contents
    Naran being the delightful place
    North gateway tour packages
    Top places to visit in naran valley
    Saif ul malook lake
    Lulusar lake
    Babusar top
    Lalazar meadows
    Sharan forest
    River kunhar
    Siri paye meadows
    Naran tour packages 2024 includes car services

North gateway has arranged a naran tour packages that has the most amazing places in its list that will leave you shocked by the mesmerizing views of naran valley. There are many tourist attraction in naran valley and tourist can have a lot of activities to enjoy their whole tour like fishing, boating, horse riding and many more.



One won’t be able to come back from naran  without visiting the shogran valley. This city is located in the heart of naran  valley. Islamabad to shogran distance is about 228 km. For a person like nature enthusiast, this place is perfect for natural beauty and also for some will get the panoramic view of mountains and meadows.

Shogran is beautiful hill station in kaghan valley, which not just offer natural magic of God but it also offers comfortable accommodation for the tourists even for those who comes from abroad and the standard is also according to them. If you want to go for the trekking, hiking and to see the beauty then you be the guest of this mesmerizing hill station in summers. But, if you are a snow person, winters will be the good option to visit.

places to visit in shogran


Top places to visit in naran also include this picturesque lake which is about 9 kilometer long with the depth of about 50 feet and 3225 meters high on the surface of naran valley. The crystal clear water of the lake that is surrounded by the beauty of snow capped mountains makes this lake perfect spot for the tourist to enjoy their trip to shogran. Following  are the most famous activities to do in saif ul malook are:

  1. Boating
  2. Camping
  3. Horse riding
  4. Hiking

North gateway tour packages are allowing Pakistanis and also people from abroad to avail the opportunity to see the real beauty of this world in the name of northern areas of Pakistan.

saif al malook


Trip to babusar top you will go through the beautiful alpine lake named as lulusar lake of naran kaghan, that give you the sight of view that is completely surrounded by the huge mountains. Pakistan tour packages always include the areas like lulusar lake that will make you enjoy your mean time. This lake of naran kaghan is about 3410 meters above sea level. This is the most attractive tourist spot in kaghan valley but it comes after most famous saif ul malook and babusar top.

Trekking, fishing, boating, rafting and also hiking are the most lovable activities in lulusar lake.

Northern area tour packages 2024 includes the beauty of lulusar lake that lies only 48 kilometers from naran valley, you don’t have to go far to see this beauty.

lalusar lake


Whenever you search for naran kaghan tour, you will always encounter some of the famous places that also includes this highest point in naran kaghan, known as babusar top. Babusar top is the highest top of naran kaghan valley which is about 4173 meters above from sea level. To reach this highest point you have to hike a few hundred meters to reach the top of babusar and get some pictures with the national flag of Pakistan.

Babusar top of naran kaghan will give you the whole view of surrounding valleys or villages and famous as the best photography point in naran kaghan.

babusar top


Northern area tour packages 2024 will make you see the lush green beauty lies on the land of Pakistan. Lalazar meadows is the most attractive picnic spot in naran valley. Lalazar meadows of naran valley offers the panoramic view of the whole valley  where you can enjoy your time.

Long trees of this spot with lush green grass add the more beauty to this lalazar meadows.


Batakundi is the town that is situated 15 km east of naran valley. If you are going to babusar top, the very first town that you will see after naran is the batakundi town. Mostly people visit batakundi town to see the beautiful waterfall of batakundi that is known as batakundi waterfall. In your naran tour package, you will get to stay at this scenic town to rest for a while in your naran tour so that you can enjoy the natural beauty of this town.



Northern area Pakistan trip allow you to see the beautiful place full of long green lush trees. This forest is full of substantial vegetation. Trip to sharan tour will be easy for tourist as you ill get comfortable accommodation in the shape of hotels and restaurant with high standards in sharan forest. If you are a camp person, you will also get the facility of camp and tents. In Lahore to sharan forest tour, you will get your vehicle till paras in kaghan valley, and then you will have to book a jeep because o road condition only jeep can go through that track.

You will get to do:

  1. Trekking
  2. Fishing
  3. Horse riding
  4. Enjoy your time with natural beauty

saran forest


Jalkhand is the second last town of kaghan valley. As northern area tour package will always give you sight of lush green meadows, forests and mountains, jalkhand is also the same one but at this beautiful place of naran you will get sight of lush green meadows with river also. Kunhar river will be seen from this site. Jalkhand point includes in the list of most attractive tourist points in naran valley. This beautiful place jalkhand is at about 3410 meters height.



This beautiful crystal water river is almost 48 km from naran valley, lies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This river passes through whole kaghan valley and the main source of this river is the famous lulusar lake. This is the most attractive river in northern area and also attractive spot for camping, rafting and 0pther water related activities.

This river is about 166 kilometer long and also known as the NAIN SUKH. If we talk about the food of river kunhar trout fish is the best considered fish in Indian subcontinent. In all the northern areas tour packages you will get trout fish from different lakes of northern areas or even from rivers of northern areas.

river kunar


Siri paye meadows is another picturesque spot in the valley. This place is considered as one of the most stunning spots in northern areas of Pakistan. Naran tour package offered by north gateways will let you see the real beauty of this lush green spot known as Siri paye meadows.

You can book a jeep from shogran to Siri paye meadows. Although the track to this spot is little bit uneasy but this is one of the best places in naran valley and even in whole northern areas. Tourists can enjoy the green carpeted meadows of Siri paye along with other activities for example:

  1. Horse riding
  2. Camping
  3. To get fresh air




If you are searching for the best site to book your naran valley tour then north gateway is here to give you the most memorable trip of your life. Book your tour with us and pack your bags to see the whole new side of Pakistan in northern areas.

In naran tour packages 2024 you will get all the facilities like car service, accommodation services and many more. You don’t have to take a rent a car to reach your destination. Different packages are available under Pakistan tour packages  like tour package from  Islamabad to naran, tour package from Lahore to naran.