Table of contents
What to look for in good hotel
Top hotels in northern areas of Pakistan
The Sarai naran hotel
1 km from the center of naran valley
Luxurious hotel in naran valley
Pearl continental muzaffarabad
One of the most famous hotel of Pakistan
Pearl continental Malam jaba
You will get ski slope view
Family rooms are also available
Luxus hunza hotel
Lies along the beautiful Attabad lake
You can do jet skiing
Khoj resort skardu
Hammock forest
Get your own villa
Byarsa hotel skardu
Place of summer in skardu
Boutique hotel
Swat Serena hotel
Gilgit Serena hotel
Perfect example of their tradition and culture
Glamp Pakistan katpana skardu
Famree hunza hotel
Dumani Nagar hotel and resort

Have you planned where you will be staying during your northern area tour? If not, then first decide that and then do the remaining.

Accommodation is one of the most important part of trip and northern area tour accommodation is very important as you won’t get any room or booking at the moment you have to do the booking at least one month prior. If you are getting any northern area tour package make sure they have the accommodation that matches your standard so that you will get proper comfortable time to relax.

Tour planners always select the resorts of hotels of high standard so that no one among their tourist have any issue. Comfortable level of room space and the food matters a lot in any accommodation. Even many hotels provide additional facilities like visit to specific nearby area or indoor activities. So always prefer the hotel that will give you chance to explore your tour more.


Hotel or resort booking is the important thing to do while planning your trip. Naran tour packages will give you accommodation in different hotels and resorts. North gateway is here to let you know about the top luxurious hotels that can be selected for your night stays. The Sarai naran hotel situated in the Naran Valley of Pakistan about 1 km from the center of valley. In this luxurious hotel of Naran you will get different services like car rental service, fitness center, and all the food items will be delivered to you on your demand.

According to security purpose, this hotels is the secure one with huge parking lots. You will get different rooms of your choice like suites, double with all the facilities and with the beautiful view of huge mountain peaks and lush green garden area.  It is very important to book your stay in these hotels before your trip so that you can easily get the rooms of your choice.

sarai nagar


Pearl continental or PC hotel is among the most famous hotels in Pakistan. It has different branches and in northern areas of Pakistan, you will get PC hotel in Muzaffarabad. While booking any tour package make sure it gives you the accommodation of luxurious hotel so that you can relax during night time during your vacations.

PC Muzaffarabad will give you standard rooms and also the high standard suites.  This valley attracts the nature lover tourists and let them feel the nature of this world. PC hotel is located on the hilltop with amazing Pir chanasi surrounded by the huge mountain ranges.

Being the most famous hotel of Pakistan, it will give you their best services to keep up their standards.

Pc Muzaffarabad


After doing all the enjoyable activities included in swat tour packages, you will need a luxurious space where you can relax and sleep in night time. Pearl continental Malam jaba is considered as the most luxurious hotel in swat. This is ski mountain resort that will give you the five star accommodation along with the mesmerizing view huge mountains even from the windows of your luxurious rooms.

You will get the whole valley view along with the ski slope from this 5 star hotel in Malam jaba. The deluxe huge rooms, with 34sqm size and large king size bed, will give you all the modern appliances. Even if you are a big family you can get their family room with huge area.

pc malam jaba


Luxus hunza hotel is the lavish hotel in hunza valley with the lake side view. From the rooms of Luxus hunza valley you will get the breathtaking view of Attabad Lake. Hotels of Pakistan always have some kind of specialty and this hotel stands out from other because of Attabad Lake that falls along the walls of this hotel. You will get different suites like royal, presidential, deluxe, junior and also the family room with all the amazing views of Attabad Lake.

For the food purpose, they have Gojal restaurant that serves continental, Pakistani and also the local hunza cuisines to its all customers. You will get:

      • Boating jet ski

      • Gaming room

    • Health club

luxus hunza


In your swat tour, if you are looking for your own villa for the time being, then Khoj resort is the best option that will serve you will different villas like river’s edge king hammock villa, river’s edge loft hammock villa, river view loft villa and finally for whole family you can have river view family villa. Under the facilities of resort you will get to visit the hammock forest which is the part of resort where you can relax and unwind in the poplar trees of hammock forest.

You will also get the sight of organic farm from where you can also get your dinner items. Other enjoyment points available at Khoj resorts are:

      • firepits

      • Swing chairs

      • Walking trails

    • Amphitheater

khoj resort


This boutique hotel is situated in the center of lower kachura, skardu valley of Pakistan. Its name indicates “place of summer” in balti language. This amazingly furnished hotel is surrounded bu the huge mountains of Hindu kush, karakoram and also the Himalayas. Guests can enjoy their time with the breathtaking view of this beautiful region.

Pakistan vacation planners will always choose the hotels according to the standard so their tourists can relax during their trip.

byarsa hotel


Swat Serena hotel is the best accommodation option for the tourists. This beautiful hotel is situated in the scenic valley of Saidu Sharif with lush green meadows and gardens.

They have different standard suites for every kind of person along with the dining system for food. Guests can get royal heritage suites with beautiful window scene of lush greenery. Swat tour packages will always choose this hotel for then accommodation of their customers so that they won’t get any difficulty during their stay in swat.

swat sarena


Gilgit Serena hotel is the perfect example of culture and traditions of Gilgit Baltistan. Although in Gilgit Baltistan you won’t find five star hotels but this one offers new experiences and discoveries in the ancient city of Pakistan.

This hotel is surrounded by the beautiful peaks of Karakorum mountain range. You will find luxurious rooms that will embrace with all the tradition and culture of Gilgit Baltistan. They have manufactured as perfect place to relax during Gilgit tour.

swat sarena


Glamp katpana hotel is situated in skardu valley that offers different accommodations like standard Glamp bronze will be of PKR 14000/ night, this is for 2 persons. Old safari Glamp is of PKR 18000/night. They also have new safari glamp gold and discovery dome platinum.

These are all the options for accommodation at glamp katpana skardu. Living in this hotel will make you get the view of beautiful skardu valley all the time and you can also enjoy your skardu trip easily. They also have some activities for their customers like

      • Archery

      • Kite flying

      • In door gaming

      • Bonfire

    • Golf driving



Hunza valley has this ultimate luxurious spot where tourist can get some sleep in more comfortable way. Famree resort hunza is mixture of modern architecture and the hunza traditional styles interior. When you get there you will see the welcoming snow blankets on the ground with lush blossoming flowers.  This beautiful tourist serving hotel is located at the bank side of Attabad Lake.

Hunza tour packages always include this hotel for their tourist accommodation. They will give you premium level services of restaurant, rent a car, trek and guide tour and lastly boating.

famree resort


This amazingly manufactured hotel and resort is situated in the heart of mountains ranges at Rakaposhi viewpoint jafarabad Nagar, with brand new deluxe rooms that will give you comfortable experience. From their rooms you will get the breathtaking views of mountains and the beautiful scenery of valley.

Each room is furnished with main traditional theme and along with natural surroundings.

Dumni Nagar


Before planning the whole northern area tour make sure you book the right accommodation with all the facilities. As it is very important for whole trip. You will need a spot where you can come at night and rest. Northern area has lots of resorts or hotels that will be providing their best facilities, north gateway has given you the site where you can check the top hotels in northern area of Pakistan.

If you are planning your northern are tour you can contact north gateway to book any resort or hotel of your choice.

Do we have to book room before our trip?

Yes you should check for the availability at least prior one month so that you won’t face any issue at the end.

Do they have any kind of offers?

Every resort or hotels have their own offers especially on any special occasions so you an avail those offers.