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Top 10 northern areas lake
Rainbow lake
Ratti gali
Chitta katha lake
May is the month for trout anglers
Saif ul malook lake
Most famous lake in the Pakistan
From the melted glaciers of Himalayas
Shangri-La lake
Also known as lower kachura lake
Visit between September to October
Upper kachura lake
Freezing temperature throughout the year
Satpara lake
Dudipatsar lake


Northern area tour packages always include mostly the lakes and the mountain ranges. Top lakes of Pakistan mostly lies in the northern areas of Pakistan. There are many lakes found in northern areas of Pakistan but from the whole list there are some famous ones that are most favorite tourist spot in regards of lakes. North gateway is here to provide you the best experience of your life in the form of different pakistan tour packages. If you want to visit the top lakes in swat you should book the swat tour package 2024 and avail all the facilities to enjoy your time. Pakistan tour agencies have different kind of tour packages, like city tour package, historical tour package, top waterfall tour packages and many more. For lakes, you will get top northern areas lake so that you can decide which lake you want to visit and which tour package is suitable for you.


Rainbow lake is the just like its name, very unique and most beautiful lake among all the lakes of Pakistan. The adjoining mountains around the lake add more charm to the beauty of lake. Rainbow Lake is located in the small village known as Domel in Gilgit Baltistan. Gilgit Baltistan tour packages can be used to reach this eye catching rainbow lake.

Astore valley is one of the most favorite’s tourist spot, the sunrise and the sunset here is remarkable. To reach Rainbow Lake you have to pass through many difficult routes, pass through the 14500 ft high burzil pass that is closed most of the time due to heavy snow.


rainbow lake


Ratti Gali Lake lies in the blue gem of Pakistan that is named as Neelum valley. Neelum valley tour packages are available to get the chance to visit this beautiful eye catching lake in Neelum valley. The color of water in lake is so unique that it does not reflect any of the surrounding things. Ratti Gali Lake lies at the altitude of 12,130 feet above sea level and considered as the highest lake in the world.

In Neelum valley tour package 2024, you have to get the jeep ride and hiking to reach this beautiful lake.

ratti gali alke


Azad Kashmir tour packages will always take you to the Shouter valley where Chitta Katha Lake is situated. This lake is consider as the junction between Neelum, naran and skardu. The name of this means “white stream”.

Reaching this beautiful alpine lake is little bit difficult but the route is very beautiful and scenic. If you are coming from kel, it’s about 20 kilometers jeep track and after that one has to do the hiking for about 5 kilometers.

chitta kata lake


Skardu tour packages include this lake in their tour list so that tourist can see this lake at the altitude of 7500 feet. This lake is situated in the deosai national park. This lake of skardu is the perfect example of beauty lies on wonderland.

Its deep blue water is surrounded by the huge rocks of mountains with greenish meadows. Also in this lake, you will get huge variety of plants and flowers. Trip to Sheosar Lake should be planned in spring season so that you can enjoy the amusing colors of this lake as winters can be harsh for tourist in this valley.


seosar lake


Katora lake lies in the region of Kumrat valley, swat. This beautiful captivating Katora Lake lies in the middle of huge mountains with fresh green meadows and forests. When you visit this place you will realize why people are so attracted to this place.

Swat tour packages will help you to see that why this lake is named as katora. This lake has the shape that resembles mostly like katora. For tourism, may is the best considered time to visit this lake as in that time, lake water will be full of trout’s and trout anglers gathers from all over the country for the event.

katora lake


Saif ul Malook Lake is one of the most famous lakes in Pakistan, lies in manshera district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This lake is about 9 km in length with 50 feet of depth and at the elevation of 3224 above the sea level. Gilgit tour packages and naran kaghan tour packages are here to take you to see this whole scenic view of saif ul Malook Lake. Saif ul Malook Lake was created by the water melted from the glaciers of Himalayas range. Naran tour package 2024 by north gateway will let you see the beauty of this bluish water lake. The water in the lake has the reflection during sunrise and the sunset time.


saif ul malook


Shangri-La Lake is one of the beautiful lake of skardu, lies in the norther area of Pakistan. This lake lies at the elevation of about 2499 km. To add up more beauty to lake’s charm, beautiful resorts are also present even for the accommodations of tourists.

This lake is known as the lower kachura lake, lies between the snowcapped huge mountains with diversity of flora and fauna. This lake has become tourist attraction in skardu because of its crystal clear water with eye catching view of the lake. Skardu tour packages will take you to Shangri-La Lake through the jeep ride.

Overall this lake is open for everyone in whole year but the most favorable time to visit this beautiful lake of skardu during the months of September to October. The entry ticket for this lake is about Rs. 500 per head.


shangrilla lake


Kachura Lake lies at the altitude of 2500 meters above the sea level. Skardu tour packages of north gateway take you to see the breathtaking view of this lake in skardu, surrounded by the huge mountain mountain ranges of Karakorum. This lake has freezing temperature throughout the year. This tourist spot in skardu will allow you to do skiing and boating in the freezing water of lake. Upper Kachura Lake lies 20 km from the skardu town. Best accommodation in hotels and restaurants are available with good standard for tourists.


uper kachora lake


Many tourist attractions are available in skardu region of Pakistan and this lake is one of them. By standing at the Satpara Lake you will get the sight of huge peaks that are surrounding this big lake. This lake is elevated at 8650 feet above sea level. In the heart of lake, you will see the picturesque island and small boats are available that will take you to visit that island. Pakistan travel agencies always include all the mesmerizing places that adds up more beauty to the charm of Pakistan.

satpara lake


Dudipatsar Lake is also called as the Queens of lake that is encircled by the snowcapped mountains in lulusar Dudipatsar national park and the green lush meadows and the pins trees. This beautiful lake is found in the end of kaghan valley. This lake is at the elevation of 4734 meters, not so big one.

There are several treks available along this beautiful lake that will allow you to see the nearby beauty of this lake.

northern area lakes


Lakes are the part of natural blessings of god. Lakes are made from the melting water coming from the snowy glaciers. Tour packages are available that will make you visit the beautiful lakes of Pakistan that lies in the northern region of Pakistan. Contact any travel agency and they will guide you about all the Pakistan tour packages 2024.


What is the best time to visit the northern area lake?

Summer or spring season is the most favorable to visit the cod areas of Pakistan.

What are the some other lakes found in other areas of Pakistan?

Most of the lakes of Pakistan found in the northern areas of Pakistan. Islamabad and Rawalpindi lakes are:
Rawal lake
Neela sandh