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new journey of life
Top places to visit in Pakistan in honeymoon time
Swat valley
Mabali island
Pir sohawa
Nathia gali
Hunza valley
Fairy meadows
Lahore city
Clifton, Karachi
Kumrat valley
Top activities to do

Starting a new journey with your life partner means you start a new chapter of your life. And for every chapter in your life you have to understand the person you have to deal with.  For that you need to spend some quality time with each other so that you both will know what kind of personalities you both have. After marriage you will get some time so that both can get a chance to enjoy their new chapter of life that’s called as honeymoon period.

Being on a honeymoon means you need to be at that place that will cherish you and help you to make a great pleasant memory with your partner. But do you have any idea in your mind about the places in Pakistan that will be the perfect spot for the newlyweds? If you don’t know anything about romantic places to visit in your honeymoon, don’t worry we got you. In this article north gateway is going to let you know about some fantastic spots for honeymoon couple.

There are many Pakistan travelers who has separately prepared a honeymoon packages for newlywed so that all the new couples can enjoy their time in the beautiful environment.


Pakistan has lots of beautiful spots for newlywed couples to spend their time with each other. It’s up to a person that which place he likes and wants to go there. Here is the list of top places to visit in Pakistan in honeymoon:

      1. Swat valley
      2. Mabali island
      3. Pir sohawa
      4. Nathia gali
      5. Hunza valley
      6. Naran valley
      7. Lahore city
      8. Rawalakot
      9. Azad Kashmir
      10. Neelum valley



Swat valley is not just favorite destination for holidays but also for honeymoon purpose this is the perfect space for couples. You will totally get the romantic vibe in this valley from the astonishing view of mountains having huge trees or rocks on it that act as stars on sky that adds up more char to the sky. You can also done your photo shoot in the beauty of swat valley. You can go to hiking, participate in different activities to add some adventure to your honeymoon package. You can also avail honeymoon package to swat valley 2024 to get all the facilities under one roof.


swat valley



Mabali Island is the new invented small hidden spot at khanpur dam that is specifically arranged by the people. It is one of the best natural place to stay at with the love of your life and make some remarkable memories by enjoying every bit of your time there. The whole crew there are skilled people. Also you can do fun activities like water sport, paragliding and also you will get the small cozy cabins close by the lake to spend your night there.


mubali island



Pir sohawa, the most famous place lies in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. This point is the most prominent attraction in Islamabad for romantic couples. On the highest peak of slope Pir sohawa you will get the Monal inn of Islamabad that will treat you will all the essential comfort of that time.


pir sohawa



Another mind blowing site for the honeymoon is Nathia gali lies in Murree hill station. In northern areas of Pakistan, during winters you won’t be able to enjoy fully the world of snow but here you can enjoy the snow as it’s not that much harsh as in northern areas of Pakistan. Nathia gali of Murree will give you the location having all the customs and values of Murree. Other than beautiful views, you will also get to see the little bazaar in Nathia gali where you can have your things and also eat the most famous patakha chicken of Nathia gali.


nathia gali



Northern areas of Pakistan is well known destination for tourism in Pakistan. Many northern areas packages are also available that will make your tour more memorable. For couples, the breathtaking huge views of mountains with clear dark blue lake water having the cold breeze flowing through the giant forest in lush green meadows, this is a whole vibe for them to enjoy their honeymoon period with some romantic cup of tea or traditional food of hunza valley.


hunza valley



We always heard the place named as naran kaghan but most of us don’t know that these are two different places. Naran is a small town that is situated in the kaghan valley. Naran is a beautiful place with huge mountains and crystal clear water running from the glaciers of mountain and add up more water to lakes. If you want to spend your time with your partner in naran you should enlist some places that you should visit to make an unforgettable memories for life time. Also you will get variety of hotels for your stay. For naran tour, you should at least take your 3 to 4 days holiday so that you can easily enjoy the mesmerizing views of naran valley. You will have many attractive places in naran like babusar top, Dudipatsar and many more.

Also don’t forget to eat the local cuisines of naran to always remember the taste of naran valley.

naran valley



If you want to enjoy with your partner under the cultures of Pakistan, then Lahore will be the best option for you. Lahore is the perfect example of modernity, cultures and history about Pakistan. Although you will have to endure the sweating of Lahore, but that heat or sweating is worthy. Couple can explore the Mughal era architecture, visit different market places and buy stuff for themselves.



Rawalakot is the part of Azad Kashmir in Pakistan, which is a famous place for its natural beauty. Rawalakot is a beautiful scenic town that lies in the center of huge mountains. It’s one of the best unique and thrilling experience for honeymoon couples in the eastern areas of Pakistan.





Karachi being one of the hottest city of Pakistan has mesmerizing honeymoon spot that has a blend of beautiful natural beauty along with the stunning cultures of Pakistan. This Clifton beach will give you picturesque view of blue crystal water with sandy shores. Clifton has an iconic Arabian Sea promenade, along which couples can walk hand in hand and enjoy the refreshing breeze flowing over the sea.





Kumrat valley is one of the most famous couple destination in province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Kumrat valley has many hidden charming places to explore for honeymoon. Honeymoon is not just about visiting or living romantic moments. It’s also about having some adventure or fun with your partner.

You will get different waterfalls or wildlife views that will make your honeymoon unforgettable.

kumrat valley



      • couples should visit the Badshahi masjid in Lahore
      • In Multan, you can enjoy the Sufi concert if you are into it.
      • Water rafting can be done on the Indus river
      • Spend your time in the beautiful valley of Neelum
      • Get a date night in amazingly made cottage in hunza valley

    • You can have a hot cup of tea during traveling in the middle of huge mountains.


Honeymoon is a time during which you want to spend all your days and nights with the person you are married to. And it will be amazing if you spend that time in the form of traveling or exploring different places. In Pakistan, you will find many attracted sites for your honeymoon period where you can hold the hand of your partner and enjoy your whole time while having some snacks. North gateways has brought the some of the main places in Pakistan that you can visit in your honeymoon period and makes it more memorable.


Can we get any organization that can arrange the whole honeymoon package for us?

Yes, you will get many honeymoon packages 2024 where you will get to see all the beautiful sites that are famous for couple visit.

Is it will be safe for couple to visit Pakistan?

Pakistan has made many advancement in all aspects and security is one of them. Now you can freely visit the Pakistan without having any security issues.