Table of contents
Top rivers in Pakistan
Indus river
South Asia’s longest river
National river of Pakistan
Neelum river
Enter in Pakistan from Gurez line in control sector
Lots of trout fishes can be seen
Kunhar river
Shigar river
Hunza river
Combination of kunjerab nala and chapursan
Jhelum river
Geographical significance
Ravi river
Known as river of Lahore
Primary river of Pakistan
Deepest river of Pakistan

Have you ever visited the rivers of Pakistan?. Pakistan has the most beautiful rivers in the world that are flowing beautifully along the huge mountains and also the plains of Pakistan. North gateway is here to let you known about the top rivers of Pakistan that adds up more beauty to this country. Historical tour packages of Pakistan also allow you to see the whole history of that specific river that attracts more tourist with history minds. Different Northern area tour packages can be used to see the rivers of Pakistan that mostly lies in the northern areas of Pakistan. Pakistan have lots of rivers some are the huge bodies and some lies on small area of Pakistan. All of the rivers and lakes get their water from the melting of glaciers found on the peaks of huge mountains. Different waterfalls of Pakistan can be seen getting water from glaciers of different mountain ranges.


South Asia’s longest river, Indus River is happen to have a length of about 3200 km. Indus Rivers plays a key role in water resources. This beautiful river starts from the huge height of Himalayas in the region of China. And for some kilometer, this river falls through the highest mountains. The water of this river mostly comes from the melting of glaciers and the snow happened to be on the peaks of mountains.

Tourist can get the view of Indus River while having their skardu tour package and hunza tour package as it lies along the route to these sites.

 After passing through the huge mountains, this river passes through the plain land of Pakistan. And lastly this river empties into the huge Arabian Sea. It’s also called the national river of Pakistan.

indus river


Neelum River is situated in the Kashmir area of Pakistan and India with the length of about 245 km. This river also has a name of Kishanganga River that originates from the lake named as kishanganga that lies in the Indian region of Jammu and Kashmir. Neelum River’s water is mainly coming from different glaciers and tributaries.

In Pakistan this river starts from the Gurez line of control sector in the region of Azad Kashmir. After passing through some points it combines with the huge Jhelum river of Pakistan in Muzaffarabad. Azad Kashmir tour packages of Pakistan will always give you the chance to see this beautiful river entering from India to Pakistan at the Gurez line. This river was named as Neelum River because of its blue color that resembles with the sky color.

This beautiful river of Neelum valley have some activities for tourists like fishing, one can find lots of trout fish in this huge river. If you want to visit Neelum River, you should choose the dates between Aprils to September, as winters can be little bit inconvenient because of heavy snow on the routes.

neelum river


Kunhar River lies in the valley of Naran kaghan with the length of about 177 km. The main water source of this river is Lulusar Lake, glaciers of Malka parbat and makra peak. In naran tour package you will get to see this river passing through the whole naran kaghan valley including Jared, jalkhand, para and balakot and finally joins the Jhelum river.

Kunhar River has the best trout and most famous ones in the whole Indian subcontinent.  A lot of activities can be performed on this river like

    • Camping
    • Rafting
    • Water sports

kunhar river


In the skardu tour packages, you will get the chance to see the beautiful eye catching river of skardu that lies on the small area of Pakistan that is about 62 km. The melting water from the baltaro and biafo glaciers nourishes this river. This river flows through the Shigar valley and merge in Indus River in skardu valley.

shigar river


Hunza River, as indicates from its name, is the river of hunza valley and the well-known river in Pakistan with the length of approximately 250 km. Hunza River is basically the combo of chapursan and kunjerab nala and this river gets its most of water from the glaciers of Karakorum mountain ranges. Hunza tour packages 2024 are here to let you see the real beauty of hunza valley in the shape of Hunza River.

People of hunza valley uses the water of Hunza River for the cultivation of their crops and also for drinking purpose. For some extend, Hunza River also plays a role in the production of hydro power.

hunza river


This beautiful river starts from the scenic Kashmir valley of Pakistan. Jhelum River lies on about 774 kilometers land of Pakistan. From the geographical point, this river has a lot of significance. In Azad Kashmir tour packages you will get to see the Jhelum River and the beautiful flow of this river along the huge mountains of Kashmir.

River Jhelum originates from the south eastern region of Kashmir valley, famous hill station of Pakistan, and then flow through the beautiful city of Srinagar and then to the Pakistan border. Jhelum River is used for the electricity and for the irrigation purpose in Pakistan. Mangla dam which is considered as one of the largest dams in Pakistan also built on these rivers.

From passing through sultanpur, Jhelum River enters Pakistan and flow though south west and merge with Chenab River at the point of trimoun barrage. The merging point of Neelum River and Jhelum River is Muzaffarabad. All of these rivers join the main Indus river of Pakistan near panjand.

jhelum river


Here lies another famous river of Pakistan, river Ravi with the length of 720 kilometers. The water level of this beautiful river depends on the melting point of Himalaya snow and the monsoon of south Asia. River Ravi is known as the River of Lahore. Under the different clauses of Indus water treaty, the water of Ravi River can also used by the Indians.

River Ravi is also used for the watering of many forests in Pakistan. River Ravi has its own significance in the ecology and the culture of Pakistan. River Ravi starts from the mountains ranges of Himalaya, flow through the southwestern region of Indian subcontinent and then it falls under the regions of Pakistan while blending with the Chenab River.

ravi river


Beautiful rivers of Pakistan are the true beauty of this country. Many benefits are getting from these huge rivers of Pakistan. Rivers are used for the purpose of hydro power, irrigation and many valleys use the water of these rivers for drinking purpose.

North gateway has given you the best chance to explore the top rivers of Pakistan that adds more beauty to this country.

Which river is considered as the primary river of Pakistan?

South Asia’s longest river, Indus River is considered as the first river of Pakistan to be found.

Among all the rivers of Pakistan, which river has the more depth?

Along with the tag of longest river, Indus river also has the more depth than any other river has in Pakistan.

What are some of the other rivers of Pakistan?

Other rivers of Pakistan are:
Chenab river
Sutlej river
Kabul river
Ghuram river
Hingol river
Gomal river